Cox Residential Roofing is a certified roofing contractor. We believe that our dedication to education and
training separates us from our competition. Our team in constantly gaining industry knowledge and keeping
up on the latest trends in roofing.

Not only are we certified in areas of roofing, we also hold certifications that make each of our job sites more
productive and safer for our clients as well as our employees.

National Roofing Contractors Association

Cox Residential is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association.  NRCA is an organization where roofing contractors learn and stay up to date with the newest industry trends in the roofing industry, such as, safety, building codes, products and materials.

HAAG Engineering Roof Inspector

At Cox Residential Roofing Members of our team are HAAG ENGINEERING CERTIFIED Completion of this course means we are certified to inspect  residential roofs for hail, and storm damage.  Most insurance adjusters carry this certification.

OSHA Certified

Members of Cox Residential Roofing are OSHA certified and carry any where from a 10 to 30 hour certification card.  Safety on every job site is very important and should never be over looked.  When Choosing a contractor it is very important to consider what safety measures they will take on your job site.

Emergency Medical Technician

At Cox Residential Roofing we have members trained as EMT’s , First Aid and basic life Support.  We take safety to another level with trained emergency personnel on our job sites and part of our team.

Hazardous Materials Technician

There are times in the construction and roofing industry when you run across hazardous materials.  Cox Residential Roofing has members of our team that are certified hazmat technicians. We provide an added level of security if an emergency were to occur.