Getting A New Roof

How To Prepare For Your New Roof Installation

While we are a professional roofing company we try our hardest to work as neatly as possible. Tearing off an old roof and installing a new one is a big project and will take up a lot of space around the perimeter of your property. So allow us to help you best prepare for a new roof installation.


Cox Residential will arrange delivery of materials a couple of days    prior to the day scheduled.


Most of the times our crew will be ready to start early in the       morning on the day your roof is scheduled for replacement. In order to protect outdoor items from debris it’s important to clear driveways and sidewalks either the night before or before 7 a.m. the day the project supposed to start. A dumpster or a trailer will be placed at your driveway, and will be use to throw away the rubble from the old roof. Please be prepared as there will be more than one vehicle parked at your driveway. If possible move all vehicles and other items away from your driveway. This ensures that your cars, children’s toys and any other valuable items will be safely away from any falling debris or dust.

We also recommend that if you have grills, patio furniture, and any other items that may be in danger to be damaged to be moved inside the garage, or cover them up with a tarp or plastic sheeting while the work is performed. If there are any items that are not possible to be temporarily relocated please make sure you pointed out to our foreman, he will communicate with our crew to pay particular attention to those items.


Although we work hard to minimize the dust and debris created during the installation of the roof there is no way around the fact that roofing is a dusty job. If your attic it’s being used to store antiques or valuable items, consider moving them to a safe spot until the job is complete. If items are too bulky or heavy to move, try covering them with drop cloth or a plastic sheet to protect them.


If you have pets or young children you might want to make arrangements for them to stay with a friend or to be out for the day. The roof tear-off and installation process can be noisy which can stress pets and small children. Another fact to consider is the hazard to children and pets the equipment, nails and debris represent. In case leaving the house for the day is not an option, we recommend homeowners to do it’s very best to keep them indoors until crew is done completing the job.

Tell Your Neighbors

Getting a new roof it’s always an exciting experience, not only this can boost your home’s value, but the other properties around you. It is also a good idea to give a courtesy heads up to your neighbors that you are getting your roof replaced, as same as you the may have small children and pets that can be equally disturbed during the process.

From the Outside In and Inside Out

Certain preparation inside it’s always as important as the outside. Any type of heavy construction will inevitably cause strong vibrations that might potentially shift mirrors off the wall. To reduce the risk of any items falling during the installation we recommend removing any hanging frames, china, collectibles, mirrors, or any other valuable items into a safe place. You may also consider securing any light fixtures that are attached to the walls or your upper floor.

Installing a new roof involves thousands of nails. Proper preparation can help avoiding situations where you could accidentally step on a nail or get a flat tire. Before your roofing installation we recommend you cut your grass to a short length, although we will use a powerful magnet during the cleaning process that help us catch majority of the nails, these can easily be missed when they fall into a long grass.

If you have a satellite on your roof, you should work with your cable provider to move it while your roof it’s being installed. Removing any hanging plants it is also recommended.


Thousands of pounds of debris are falling from your roof, even if your roofer protects them with a tarp, there is a small chance of damage. As your roofer, we will try to protect all plants and flowers as much as we can. Please be aware that tarping your plants and flowers sometimes it is not the best option, as certain kind do not resist the heat the tarp puts on them. Please take the time to do proper research on the particular type of flowers you have and if you do not wish us to cover them, kindly let us know. Another option is also to cover certain parts of the house with a piece of plywood, the down side of this option is that sometimes this can compromise your siding and the paint of your house. If your flowers are extremely important to you, considering getting your roof replace over the fall is also an option and we are happy to work with you on that.

 Weather Delay

 You might experience a rainy day or two during the course of your   roofing project. Depending on the severity of the weather     conditions safety can become a factor and therefore work may     cease. Tarps will be putting on your house to secure the area until   we can get back to finish the job. Weather can create a slower   process and may affect scheduling, so kindly allow for possible delays in the completion, but as your reputable contractor will take the necessary precautions to protect your house and get the work done right.

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